Backing A Delivery Truck Out Onto A Sidewalk May Present Risks

Truck accidents happen on highways with alarming frequency. Some accidents even end in fatalities. Don't think that a truck must travel at 70 MPH on a winding road to represent a danger. Even a slow-moving truck that backs out of a driveway presents hazards. Many trucks performing deliveries in city areas find themselves pulling into and back out of alleys and driveways. They must do so carefully to avoid hitting pedestrians, people on bicycles, and others. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accident Cases

For all too many people, auto accidents lead to serious injuries. These injuries can be financially and physically debilitating, leading to serious consequences. Auto accident personal injuries lead to a variety of concerns. If you are pursuing a personal injury case after an auto accident, you are not alone. These are some of the questions you may have. What Causes Auto Accidents? Auto accidents are caused by a variety of conditions and situations, including distracted, aggressive, and reckless driving. Read More 

When Should You Settle Your Car Accident Claim?

If you've been injured in an accident, you might think that the next step is going to court to get what you're owed. While it's certainly possible for a personal injury claim to end up in a dramatic courtroom trial as you'd see on TV, most cases settle before they get to that point. Here's how you should decide whether you should settle. Can You Pay Your Bills? After a car accident, you might have medical bills and car repair bills piling up plus other normal bills that you could fall behind on if you're having to miss work and not getting paid. Read More 

What Motorcycle Riders Need To Know About Their Rights In An Accident

Were you injured in an accident while riding your motorcycle? You may be wondering what you need to do in this unfortunate situation. Here are some tips for dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident so that you are within your rights. Are Motorcycle Riders Typically Blamed For Accidents? One problem that you may be facing when involved in an accident as a motorcycle driver is that people try to blame you for the accident. Read More 

Hiring A No Fault Insurance Attorney To Handle No Fault Claims

It can be easy to assume in a no-fault auto accident that you are responsible for your own accident-related expenses. After all, the accident occurred in a state with no-fault laws enacted. Further, you might carry no-fault insurance on your vehicle.  However, despite it being this kind of accident, you can still file and pursue no-fault claims against your own insurance or that of the other driver for expenses like auto repairs, medical bills, and lost income. Read More