Seeking Compensation After An Accident With A Teen Driver

When teen drivers gain the ability to drive, they are often excited about the new freedoms that they have. However, with these freedoms comes an increased risk for teens to find themselves in dangerous car accidents. If you are struck by a teen driver, you should consult with a car wreck lawyer about the next steps you should take. Why Teen Drivers Can Be Very Dangerous Teen drivers often get into accidents due to a lack of experience and maturity. Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents occur regularly and anywhere. You can get into an accident in a vehicle, at school, or even at the grocery store. The accident can be as mild as small spills that make you slip and fall or as extreme and tragic as being involved in a traffic accident.  If an injury causes substantial health problems or financial losses, you may want to file a lawsuit to obtain reasonable compensation from an insurance company or the negligent party. Read More 

Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer After A Wreck

When you are involved in a bad auto wreck, you may assume that you can handle the financial and legal ramifications that will ensue after it. You may not anticipate needing anyone to help you, especially if you plan on filing a claim and working with the responsible party and insurer on your own. However, you could jeopardize your side of the case and lose out on money and justice that you are entitled to by law. Read More 

Workplace Injuries: Why You Should Have A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer On Your Team

You report to work each day, follow safety protocols, and do your best to keep your boss happy with your job performance. One day, things do not go according to plan and you find yourself getting injured on the job. Your employer swiftly goes to work filling out an accident report and asking if you need medical attention. From all indications, your claim for workers' compensation benefits should be a breeze. Read More 

How To Fight A DWI After Your Accident Puts You In The Hospital

If you are involved in a DWI and crash and injure yourself, you may face many consequences in addition to your injuries. You will likely be found liable for the accident even if another driver was partially at fault because driving with a DWI is more likely to lead you to be found liable. You may also find that your insurance rates will go up. For this reason, if you believe that you weren't under the influence of alcohol, you'll want to fight hard to have your charges dismissed. Read More