Vital Reasons To Put A Business Transaction Law Attorney On Retainer

As a business owner, you need to abide by stringent laws that pertain to your industry. You must avoid violating these mandates if you want to remain free of expensive fines and possible criminal charges. As such, to ensure that your corporate dealings are ethical and legal, you can retain a lawyer to represent you and your company. A business transaction law attorney can provide you with a number of critical and beneficial services.

Assistance with Forming Partnerships

If you want to bring in partners in your business, you need to abide by the legal process for changing its status from a sole proprietorship or LLC to a partnership. However, you may not know much about this legal process. Therefore, you need help in transforming your business to this new status. Fortunately, a business transaction law attorney can file the required paperwork and walk you through the process of making your company a partnership. They can also assist you in notifying the board of directors and help you avoid being fined or having charges filed against you for violating corporate partnership laws.

Help with Buying New Businesses

When you want your company to acquire new property, such as another business, you will need help following through with this transaction. Your business transaction law attorney can represent you as you explore your options for making this purchase. They can also represent you when you make a bid, negotiate the purchase price, and close on the sale.

By working with a lawyer, they can make sure the transaction is legal and that all of the taxes are paid for the sale. They can also assist you in transferring the deeds of the acquired property to your name and getting the deeds filed with the state or federal government.

In addition, a business transaction law firm can assist you when you want to sell equity in your company to outside investors. Your lawyer can make sure the equity is appraised at a reasonable value that will attract investors. They will also help you ensure that the sales are legally valid and that you avoid accusations of insider trading or fraud.

A business transaction law attorney can provide important services for you and your company. First, your lawyer can help you bring on partners within your company. Likewise, they can also assist with buying other businesses and selling equity in your company to investors. For more information, contact a business transaction law service.