5 Situations That Can Make Someone Liable For A Slip-And-Fall Accident

Did you recently suffer a slip-and-fall on someone else's property that caused a serious injury? If so, you may be wondering if the property owner could be held responsible and pay for your injury-related expenses. Here are some in which someone can be found liable for causing a slip-and-fall accident. 

Wet Floors 

A common condition that causes slip-and-falls is wet floors. This can happen in any building where water is leaking on the floor and the property owner is unable to clean up the mess in a timely manner. The key to proving liability is showing negligence that somehow caused the water to collect on the floor. If the property owner did not fix a leaking pipe and perform routine maintenance on their building, then they could be held accountable.

However, slipping and falling does not necessarily mean the property owner is liable. If a customer were to spill a liquid on a floor in a store, the owner needs a reasonable amount of time to react to the spill and clean it up. Slipping on the liquid immediately after the spill may be a situation where no one is liable for the accident. 

Uneven Surfaces

There are expectations for the types of surfaces that you walk on. If there is something uneven about the surface that can cause someone to trip and fall, that can lead to a serious injury where a person is injured. A good example of this is uneven cement. If a property owner has a sidewalk where customers walk, but the cement is deteriorating and uneven, then the property owner needs to fix the cement to prevent injuries from happening. 

Poor Lighting

The walking surface may be smooth and dry, but it is the lighting that causes an accident. Property owners are responsible for making sure that public spaces are well-lit for the safety of others. Poor lighting can cause someone to not see a potential hazard in their way, and then suffer an injury as a result. If the poor lighting is clearly due to negligence, such as the store not replacing burned-out light bulbs, then you could have a solid case on your hands for a personal injury lawsuit. 

Lack Of Handrails

Another way that property owners can keep others safe is with handrails. Not having handrails installed on staircases can cause someone to lose their balance and have nothing to grab onto. This would be a clear violation of your safety, and could easily lead to winning a personal injury lawsuit if no other factors were involved in causing the accident. 

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