3 Ways A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Determine Fault In A Multi-Car Accident

A multi-car accident occurs when more than three cars collide. Many factors can contribute to a multi-vehicle accident, which means that fault is determined based on unique circumstances. In addition, such accidents may have several injured parties, and anyone who files for compensation against the at-fault party may face difficulties getting a fair settlement. Therefore, to determine the driver responsible for a multi-car accident, the services of a car accident attorney are necessary. Here are three ways an experienced lawyer can help you. 

1. Conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the negligent driver

When investigating the cause of your accident, lawyers may choose to retain an accident reconstruction professional to examine the evidence they gather from the accident scene. Furthermore, based on the collision and damage to the cars involved in the accident, the expert can reenact how the car crash happened. 

Your car accident attorney will also collect and analyze evidence that may help establish a negligent driver, like traffic camera footage, witness statements, and police reports. Other necessary evidence supporting your case include surveillance tapes from nearby businesses and photos of the damage to the vehicle and accident scene. 

2. Handle the complexities involved in multi-car insurance claims

There are chances that more than one driver may have led to your multi-car accident. Therefore, this means that you need to file your claim for compensation with more than one insurance company. However, insurance companies may choose to reduce the amount they should pay or deny liability by shifting blame. Therefore, you should retain a knowledgeable car accident attorney to conduct such complex negotiations and ensure you get a fair settlement.

3. Represent you in court 

If you choose to bring an insurance claim or lawsuit against a driver following a multi-vehicle accident, you'll need a car accident attorney to help you prove that you're not liable for the accident. Regardless of how the accident occurred, a car accident attorney can use different resources to establish how the accident happened and who's at fault. 

For instance, they can use the police report to determine whether any accident victims committed a traffic offense. Other substantial evidence your attorney will use to support your case includes eyewitness accounts, including your version of the incident and passengers in each of the cars.

If you're injured in a multi-car accident, you need to seek compensation for your damages. Unfortunately, multi-car accident cases are often complex. To ensure you get a fair settlement, seek the services of an experienced car accident lawyer. To learn more information about accident attorneys, reach out to a company such as Wood Law Group, PLLC.