Seeking Compensation After An Accident With A Teen Driver

When teen drivers gain the ability to drive, they are often excited about the new freedoms that they have. However, with these freedoms comes an increased risk for teens to find themselves in dangerous car accidents. If you are struck by a teen driver, you should consult with a car wreck lawyer about the next steps you should take.

Why Teen Drivers Can Be Very Dangerous

Teen drivers often get into accidents due to a lack of experience and maturity. Many drivers believe that they are invincible and will take risks that adults would not take. However, teen drivers are required to carry insurance like everyone else, and you will need to contact the driver's insurance provider to make sure that you receive compensation for your injuries by filing a claim.

If you will be filing a claim against another driver's insurance provider, you will want to contact a car wreck attorney to help you with every aspect of the process. While you may feel bad for the teen who has only recently started driving, filing a claim against their insurance provider is not personal, and you will need to maximize the chances that the insurance provider will fully compensate you.

How To File A Claim

If you make a claim against the teen's insurance provider, this is referred to as a "third-party claim." The insurer will process the claim and will want to conduct an investigation to prove that the accident actually occurred and that you suffered the damages you claimed.

What seems like a simple process can become more complicated when the insurance provider believes that you are responsible for the accident. If this is the case, you might not receive full compensation for the damages you have received.

How To Prove The Other Driver Is At Fault

Under comparative negligence, each party could be considered partially at fault, and this can reduce your settlement. For example, if the other driver ran a red light, but you were speeding, the fact that you were speeding may be used to argue that you were partially at fault.

How To Prove Damages

Your car wreck lawyer will also play a role in assisting you in proving that you have suffered the damages that you claimed. This will require the help of your physician and a solid argument crafted by your car wreck lawyer when creating a demand letter.

Contact a car wreck lawyer in your area to learn more.