Road Rage Is A Problem With Truck Drivers As Well

Some commercial truck drivers are very professional, but other drivers can experience road rage like anyone else. However, if you encounter a commercial truck driver who has road rage, he'll have the ability to cause serious damage to your vehicle and long-term medical expenses. After an accident with a trucker with road rage, you'll need help from a commercial wreck attorney to investigate how and why the accident occurred when seeking compensation for your injuries.

What Road Rage Entails

There are many forms of road rage. The driver could do something as simple as cursing at the other motorist or honking aggressively. However, some truck drivers will drive very aggressively. Other drivers will brandish a device in a threatening manner. In even more extreme cases, the motorist might try to cause damage to your vehicle by ramming into it. 

In some extreme cases, the truck driver might even start stalking you. They might want to give you a piece of their mind or may be intending to physically attack you. These types of situations can create extreme emotional distress.

Truck drivers are the most likely to experience road rage when they encounter another motorist engaging in lane changes or merging. Some cars can try to squeeze in front of the truck and force the driver to slam on their brakes. However, as a driver, you may have no idea why the truck driver was suffering from road rage.

Why Road Rage Matters

If there is a dispute over who is at fault for the truck accident, you may be able to use the fact that they were engaged in road rage as a reason to hold the driver responsible for the accident. You may also feel emotional distress as a result of the actions of the driver and you may deserve compensation for the stress you experience.

Also, if your case goes to court, there is a chance that the driver will be forced to pay punitive damages. These are additional damages on top of the economic damages you will be compensated for and will be designed to discourage future drivers from behaving in this manner.

Evidence of Road Rage

To prove road rage, you may need help from witnesses. You'll want to bring up with your attorney that you believe the driver was experiencing road rage. The fact that the driver was being highly aggressive might also be apparent. Contact a firm, such as Frenkel & Frenkel, for more information.