What Motorcycle Riders Need To Know About Their Rights In An Accident

Were you injured in an accident while riding your motorcycle? You may be wondering what you need to do in this unfortunate situation. Here are some tips for dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident so that you are within your rights.

Are Motorcycle Riders Typically Blamed For Accidents?

One problem that you may be facing when involved in an accident as a motorcycle driver is that people try to blame you for the accident. Motorcycles are more dangerous to ride than a car, and your chances of being injured are more likely to be higher due to the nature of a motorcycle. However, you shouldn't take the blame for your injuries just because a motorcycle is more likely to injure you. You must stand your ground and prove that you are not responsible for an accident if that is what happened. 

Thankfully, being on a motorcycle will not make it harder for you to find a lawyer to represent you. There are actually lawyers that specialize in these types of cases and that know about the best possible plan of action to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Will You Receive Compensation If You're Partially At Fault?

Auto accidents are not always cut and dry when it comes to assigning a percentage of fault. However, you must be aware that states have their own laws regarding fault in auto accidents. In some states, being assigned any percentage of fault means that you will not be able to win your case in court. However, other states will simply reduce your compensation by the percentage of fault that you hold. This can make it worth filing a personal injury lawsuit for your accident, even if you are partially at fault.

Will You Not Receive Compensation If You Were Not Wearing A Helmet?

Motorcycle injuries become a bit more complicated when the driver of the motorcycle is not wearing a helmet. While a helmet can reduce the injuries you sustain, it will typically not be tied to your percentage of fault. If someone else was 100% responsible for causing your injuries, you should be able to receive compensation for the damages regardless of if your helmet was on at the time. 

Not sure what the next steps are for handling your injury that was related to a motorcycle accident? Reach out to a personal injury lawyer in your area that specializes in these types of cases since they have the experience to help you win in court. 

To learn more, contact a motorcycle accident attorney.