Hiring A No Fault Insurance Attorney To Handle No Fault Claims

It can be easy to assume in a no-fault auto accident that you are responsible for your own accident-related expenses. After all, the accident occurred in a state with no-fault laws enacted. Further, you might carry no-fault insurance on your vehicle. 

However, despite it being this kind of accident, you can still file and pursue no-fault claims against your own insurance or that of the other driver for expenses like auto repairs, medical bills, and lost income. These reasons are some to hire an experienced no-fault insurance attorney to handle your case.

Establishing No-Fault versus At Fault

Your no-fault insurance attorney can get to work immediately determining whether or not that you should pursue no-fault claims instead of at fault claims against the insurer. If the accident was not your fault, for example, and you sustained significant injuries, you may have a legal right to pursue an at fault claim against the other driver instead of no-fault claims against your own insurer.

Your no-fault insurance attorney can file the claim against the appropriate insurer and then pursue them until they are paid out in full. They will ensure that the rightful insurer pays out for your lost income, as well as your medical expenses, therapy bills, and repairs for your car that relate to being in the accident.

Working Out a Settlement

The insurance company that you make a claim against may not want to go to trial against you in court. In fact, it may prefer to give you upfront money to get you to close out your case and drop your claim.

The upfront money, or settlement, that the insurer offers you needs to cover your immediate and future accident-related costs. Your no-fault insurance attorney can negotiate a sum that fairly compensates you for your expenses stemming from the wreck. It will provide you with money to live on until you can go back to work. It also will pay all of your medical bills, prescription costs, and repair expenses that you are not legally obligated to pay for yourself.

These reasons are some that highlight the usefulness of a no-fault insurance attorney. You can get advice about if you can file legal no-fault claims instead of an at fault claim. You can also pursue a settlement from the insurance company that bears full responsibility.

To learn more, reach out to a no-fault insurance attorney in your area today.